“My 4 year old really engaged with Emma and Teddy and looked forward to the weekly challenges. The zooms that Emma leads are brilliant and really solidify the ‘learning’ of that week’s topic.”

One of our Member Mums

School Ready with Teddy in an online programme for Parents and Children focusing on all the skills needed to get ready for Primary School.

As Primary School teachers and Mums ourselves we know how stressful starting something new can be and with the current pandemic meaning that transition arrangements will be very different to normal in 2020 we are here to help. We offer a window into school for everyone who joins us and we use a range of formats to give both parents and children the tools you need to make starting school a success. 

Who is the programme for?

Everyone who is starting school in September 2020 (children and key family members)

What will you gain from the programme?


– Development of key skills needed to succeed at school

– A problem solving attitude

– A wealth of ideas including vocabulary and communucation development to understand how to tackle tricky social and emotional sitations

– Interaction with teachers and our fantastic character Teddy for confidence and encouragement


– In depth knowledge about the skills children need and ideas for how to support them at home

– Opportunities to open discussion channels with your child

– Shared development of problem solving skills

– Ongoing support from Primary Specialists

– Confidence that you are giving them the best possible start to school


How does it work?

The Programme is hosted on a secure online course platform. There are 7 blocks focused on skills and communication needs to practise before starting school:

– listening, turn taking, name recognition, developing independence, asking for help, making friends and managing change

You can join at any time and access all of the content to use in your own time.

In each block you will receive:

* A video session featuring Teddy and Emma. Emma will explain a problem that Teddy needs help solving and set some challenges for the week (you can watch as many times as you want throughout the programme) This video also includes  story board, special song and an update from Ted once he has solved the problem.

* An adults video explaining the expectations at school for that skill and ideas for supporting your child at home

* Downloadable content for information and activities to try out (this is also available as a full download at the start if you like to be organised!)


* access to advice and support from Early Years and Primary Specialists, you can message us at any time and we will get back to you, plus additional 1:1 support calls are available for an additional cost for more in depth support.


All of the above is only £35 normally and at the moment we are running a special summer sale so it’s just £17.50!


I love the songs! Thank you Teddy and Emma!

Honor, Age 4

Since we’ve been doing the sessions, Casey has learnt so much and I think it has really helped her by using Ted to get it on her terms and help her to understand the type of sitations that she will face at school.

Laura (Mum of Casey, age 4)