Here’s a list of great freebies, from us to you!

Holiday Planners

Map out the holidays and get your little one involved. Draw pictures with them to show your plans and they can cross off the days as you go. Having visuals like this helps children feel prepared and be develop independence. You’ll get less ‘how long until’ questions as they can check for themselves, yay! Click the image or buttons below to download a 6 week or 4 week option.

If you love being organised check out our ‘School Starters Planners’ and new ‘School Planners’ for all year groups on Amazon.

50 easy ideas to develop fine motor control – for early writing and independence skills.

Grab it by following the clicking the picture!

CVC Flashcards

12 flashcards to print with pictures representing CVC words. Great for initial sound and oral blending and segmenting games. If you love these check out the First Phonics Kit in the shop! Download your flashcards by clicking on the image!

Book reccomendations to support separation anxiety

If you’re finding separation a challenge check out our book recommendations by clicking on the image above. We can make things easier for you too with our mini course -Positive Drop offs, have a look in our Courses area.

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